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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Typhoon in Korea Shows the Value of International Travel Insurance

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On September 1, a typhoon struck South Korea, causing damage not only to the area but also to travel plans in and around the country. When these disasters occur, your best option is to be prepared with international travel insurance.

The typhoon killed five people, and was being followed by another tropical storm (Tropical Storm Malou). International and domestic flights were diverted or canceled, leaving travelers in a difficult situation. International travel insurance can help in these types of situations in multiple ways.

First, if you become injured during a natural disaster, your insurance plan will help you get the quality medical care you need at an affordable rate. Your normal health insurance policy may not cover events occurring in other countries, so it is always a good idea when traveling abroad to be prepared with an international policy.

Second, the plans can help with travel. They may contain evacuation coverage which can assist you in exiting an affected area. And they can often include trip cancellation coverage which will protect your investment when you must cancel travel plans on short notice. This will save on your original purchase of the ticket as well as any re-booking fees.

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