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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • What is the Cost of Medical Treatment Abroad?

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OK, so it’s not the most exciting or interesting thing to think about when you are planning your vacation. You’re much more likely to enjoy planning excursions to coral reefs, treks with elephants and evenings watching the sun set. But the cost of medical treatment abroad is something you should consider, at least until you buy your international travel insurance.

Many people forget what could happen if they get injured or fall ill abroad. Most vacations pass without any negative incidents, but you could suffer any number of mishaps or emergencies on vacation. You could break your arm falling on ice while at a ski resort, or catch a stomach bug from eating poorly cooked meat in Asia. You may need medical treatment from a doctor, medication, or a hospital stay. All of these treatments will cost money – even if you are traveling to a less developed country.

The price can soon add up. A survey by Sainsbury’s Travel in the UK revealed that out of 10 popular vacation destinations the average cost of health treatment (shown by the claims that insured people made) was 1,333GBP (about $2,000). However, the cost of treatment varied between countries. One of the cheapest countries was Greece, while the cost of treatment in the United States reached 4,726GBP ($7,300).

The cost does obviously depend on the treatment but you may be surprised to learn that even small complaints can cost you several hundred dollars. Despite the risk of having to pay for these expensive medical treatments, many people still travel without international travel insurance. If you are planning a trip, get smart and take out all the insurance you need for your travel. For a comparatively small amount of money you can protect yourself from high medical bills that could leave you in debt for years.

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