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  • Monday, August 21, 2017

  • What You Can And Can’t Take On The Plane

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Many people think they know what they can take with them on the airplane, but every day travelers lose their possessions because they haven’t understood the baggage limits on flights. Be prepared with all the information, plus international travel insurance. Your possessions are protected if you take out international travel insurance with baggage cover.

The Transport Security Administration in the United States offers guidance on the rules regarding flight baggage. Check with the administration if you are uncertain about a particular item of baggage.

You are not permitted to take sharp objects like knives, razor blades, or meat cleavers in your carry-on baggage, although you can now take scissors with blades shorter than four inches.

You can’t carry baseball or cricket bats, golf clubs or hand weights in your carry-on baggage. But these sporting items can be carried in your checked luggage. Most legal items can be carried on the plane if they are packed in the luggage that travels in the hold.  Flares, explosives and fuels are generally not allowed anywhere on the plane.

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