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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • When a Simple Illness Can Cost Thousands

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When you are living at home, with your health insurance plan paid for and organized, you don’t think twice about visiting the doctor for a minor illness. But on vacation without international travel insurance, you may be more reluctant to go. Without travel medical insurance, the cost of a minor illness can be very high.

The most common health complaints from travelers abroad include stomach illnesses like diarrhea, allergies, sun stroke and ear infections. Most are non- life threatening but they can be very uncomfortable.

When you don’t have international health insurance, you must pay for your own medical treatment. So you have a choice – pay the often high costs abroad or go untreated.

Neither option is ideal. If you don’t treat your minor illness it could develop into a much more serious condition or spoil your vacation. But if you pay, the cost could run into the thousands of dollars. Travel medical insurance prevents these tough decisions from being made.

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