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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • When Duty Beckons, Trip Insurance Rescues

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There is, they say, many a slip between the cup and the lip. What this means for the international traveler of today is that even after the tickets are booked and the itinerary finalized, there is a chance that Uncle Sam will call upon a person for the ultimate participation in the country’s judicial system—jury duty.

Torn between the lush meadows of Ireland and the responsibility as a citizen, the one thing that protects your expenses when you serve on jury duty is trip cancellation insurance. Jury duty is among the covered reasons for cancellation in nearly every trip cancellation plan.

The primary plan holder and the traveling companion are both covered. Most plans also reimburse trip costs when the plan holder or the traveling companion is quarantined or subpoenaed.

It also covers a trip that is cancelled as a result of the insured being called to serve on active military duty, or having his/her leave revoked or reassigned. Remember that trip cancellation offers the best benefits when purchased within a specified period of paying the initial deposit toward the trip, as defined by the plan.

Travel tip: Your upcoming trip may be accepted as a reason for being dismissed from jury duty itself.

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