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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • Why Should You Be Concerned About Medical Coverage Abroad?

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You are planning a trip overseas and start completing your “to do” list of tasks before you set off. One thing you think about is health insurance. Do you need to worry about international medical insurance? Surely you’re covered under your own health insurance policy?

The answer is, probably not. And you do need to be concerned about medical coverage abroad. You may get sick or be injured while you are away. You need to make sure you have a way of paying your medical bills aboard.

The Medicare program will not cover you for any medical costs you incur while abroad. And other health care plans will not provide coverage for medical treatment abroad. If you don’t have adequate travel medical insurance, you could end up paying the bill yourself.

You may be refused service if you are uninsured abroad. And you may end up with a huge medical bill if you require an evacuation to a better medical facility. Your medical care abroad is your responsibility, not your health insurer’s, so make sure you have travel medical insurance before you leave.

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