Missionary Insurance

Missionary travel insurance is indispensable when you are away from home. A medical emergency could quickly turn into a nightmare unless immediate help is at hand. As Medicare and Medicaid will not cover a missionary on an international trip, missionary travel health insurance is recommended. Travel insurance for missionaries provides coverage wherever your ministry takes you.

Missionary Travel Insurance - Long Term
Missionary Travel Health Insurance - Short Term

Missionary Travel Medical Insurance – Short Term

There are two broad types of missionary travel health insurance plans. If you will be travelling for anywhere from 5 days to 24 months away from home country, short term missionary travel insurance could be suitable for you. Medication, physician visits, hospital stays and surgeries related to new injuries and illnesses will be covered. The policy can become effective as early as the next day when you purchase it online. Coverage can be obtained without providing medical history.

Missionary Travel Health Insurance – Long Term

If your trip will keep you outside your country of citizenship for a year or more, you could consider long term missionary travel medical insurance. You will be covered in your home country in addition to coverage abroad. The application goes through medical underwriting and details of recent wellness visits may be needed. In addition to coverage for injuries and illness, coverage for wellness and maternity may be available after a waiting period.

Travel Insurance for Missionaries – Enrollment

Enrolling online is straightforward. You can get a quote by entering the information in the form above, and compare the policies that meet your requirements. Once you have chosen the policy that is suitable for you, you could purchase the policy online. The plan brochure provides further details on the benefits provided as well as an application form. Should you prefer, the filled out application form can also be faxed or mailed to us.

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