Student Travel Medical Insurance

Every year there are thousands of international students coming to the US on student visas. Most universities require the students to have international student health insurance before they are allowed to register for classes. Universities offer students a health plan which is usually quite expensive. The students have an option to waive out of their plan if they can purchase equivalent coverage from outside. We offer several International Student Hedalth Insurance policies that meet the requirements of several universities.

Student Travel Medical Insurance

Students Travel Medical Insurance

International students coming to the US may sometimes underestimate the need to have adequate health insurance. For a relatively small amount you can get a lot of peace of mind and protect yourself from financial hardship in the event you have high hospital bills. Even if you are relatively healthy it is always a good idea to have international students health insurance.

Travel medical Insurance for Students

Get a quote and compare details of Travel Medical Insurance for Students.
Send us your waiver form for suggestions on plans that meet the university requirements.
Get assistance in getting the waiver forms filled out and sent to your university.
Have medical coverage to protect you from astronomical medical and hospital bills.

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