Claim Testimonial

From: Getu Beyene Duguma, Johnston, IA (visiting the USA)

Subject: Non US Citizen Health Insurance - Good Service

Thank you so much for all your assistance and services you continue to offer to me. I and my family are new to the country and unfortunately had to seek medical help while covered under one of the plans that your company offers. There were several billing & payment mix-ups between the hospital, lab testing and insurance claims department. We even received calls and letters for unsettled amounts from collection agencies. After I brought the matter to your attention you handled the issue in a very timely professional manner.

Thanks to you, all the correct claims have been covered by the insurance company; and I don’t have to worry anymore about collectors’ warning phone calls and letters.

Thanks again!

Getu Beyene Duguma
Johnston, IA (visiting the USA)


Service Testimonial

From: Andrew C Martin, Brighton, England (visiting the USA)

Subject: Prompt, professional and personalized service

I wish to thank you for your prompt, professional and personalized service when I consulted you for my health insurance needs. Your website is very user friendly and offers such a wide range of options. Your response time to any further questions that I had by phone was excellent, quick, & efficient - a return callback within minutes! My policy and ID card arrived overnight as you promised and is easy to read & to understand.

With so much mediocrity in customer service these days, it was indeed refreshing to experience your superior assistance; I will definitely recommend you to others that are also seeking health insurance.

Thanks again!

Andrew C Martin
Brighton, England (visiting the USA)


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