Trip Cancellation Insurance, Trip Interruption Insurance

Trip Cancellation Insurance is designed to protect the trip investment in the event of the insured not being able to take the trip because of valid qualifying reason (due to sickness of the insured or family member, hurricane etc.)

Trip Interruption Insurance can cover for the costs of un-used portions of trip when one has to cut the trip short and return home. The plan can also cover for the additional charges incurred from re-arranging the return travel (airline tickets).

Plans offered below cover for both Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption costs.

Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance Quotes

Trip Cancellation Insurance Benefits

Plans usually cover 100% or more of the costs incurred in non nonrefundable expenses - such as airline tickets, resort reservations, cruise bookings.
Qualifying events that can trigger coverage include sickness/injuries to the insured or a family member, hurricane, terrorist incident, loss of job etc


Travel Cancellation Insurance Features

Travel cancellation insurance policies often cover 100% or more of unused trip costs resulting from an early or interrupted return from a trip, including - unsued airline tickets, hotel/resort bookings and cruise reservations. Some events that can result in coverage include - injury, sickness of the insured or family member or travelling companion, burglary, weather, loss of employment. Several plans also offer medical benefits as well as coverage for emergency evacuation.

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